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It matters.


Why should I support ThreeHouse?


"I'm looking for a ministry that accepts me, as I am, and doesn't ask me to hide or give up any part of myself. Are you what I'm looking for?"
A second-year student asked us this question at the beginning of the school year. He'd never been here before, but he'd heard that ThreeHouse welcomes all.
We are all Beloved Children of God, loved as we are, for who we are. We are all beautifully made and deserve to have every part of ourselves accepted and embraced. 
Your support helps share that message with students and young adults who are searching for community and a place to be themselves.

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Since its inception in 1921, The Wesley Foundation was supported and primarily funded by the Iowa Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. After 2010, a steady decline in funding began. It was around this time that the Episcopalian and Presbyterian campus ministries joined forces with the Wesley Foundation, and became known as ThreeHouse. As it grew into ThreeHouse Collaborative Campus Ministries and the Disciples of Christ and the ELCA Lutheran Campus Ministry were added to the collaboration, funding from the Iowa Annual Conference dropped even more.
Our financial support now comes from our partner congregations, alumni, and community members.



There are different ways to support our ministry. 

1) Click the 'Donate' button and share a gift. It can be a one-time gift, or a recurring one!

2) Tell people about us! Our funding comes from generous givers like you. Spread the word about our ministry and invite others to give. Advocate in your community and let others know where to find us.

3) Stop by ThreeHouse and meet our students. Hear their stories, engage in conversation, and see firsthand why the work we do matters. 

4) Say a prayer. Students and young adults who find their way to ThreeHouse come from different walks of life and are faced with different challenges and issues. Send some love their way!

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