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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a place where students GATHER to explore issues of faith, identity, and future. It’s a place where students can ENGAGE freely with others to challenge their beliefs and where a person can GROW within a faith community.


It happens over shared meals and open conversation, feeling the freedom to question or silently observe.
It happens during sacred times of prayer and contemplation. And it happens while paddling a kayak, throwing a round of disc golf, or exploring a museum.
We hope students come to ThreeHouse for breakfast during finals week, for a film or discussion, or just stop in for a cup of tea and a quiet place to study. They will find the relaxed atmosphere of true welcome.
The invitation is extended to all; come, join in, or simply be.
Some come to connect with new people and ideas; others come to learn more about themselves on a more private journey.
Often times, both.



For decades, with the support and guidance of the ThreeHouse, students on the UNI campus have helped drive social change. At ThreeHouse, service and activism are part of the culture.

They are expressions of our beliefs. We engage and empower students to be aware of and respond to the critical social issues in our world and the practical needs of our neighbors.

It happens through protest. It happens when we gather for discussion of hard issues. It happens at the food bank, serving a meal, or filling sand bags. It happens as we open our doors to all and make room for our cultural, social, and personal differences.

Be part of something bigger.


College years are as much a time of asking questions as finding answers. ThreeHouse offers living space and a support system to help students ask the hard questions, the right questions about their education, career path, and future.

A residency at GreenHouse, our intentional living community, is about examining their foundations and fitting together a framework for the student’s future based on their beliefs, knowledge, experiences, goals, and dreams.

Find Voice.
Find Vision.
Find Vocation.

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