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Campus Minister and Director

I’ve recently reencountered Bell Hooks’ writing. This quote resonates with my approach to life and ministry: “When we choose to love, we choose to move against fear, against alienation and separation. The choice to love is a choice to connect, to find ourselves in the other.”

The number of experiences and people with whom I’ve been able to connect over my years serving as Director and Campus Minister has had a tremendous impact on my life. To have been invited into so many sacred moments and conversations is the so cool. Deconstructing conversations, identity conversations, interfaith conversations, vocation conversations, social action conversations, grief conversations, media conversations, theology and scripture conversations, denominational conversations, community service conversations, coffee and local food conversations, care of creation conversations are some of the many conversations.

But as important as conversations are, another significant part of my work at ThreeHouse is helping conversations turn into actions. I love being part of a creative and compassionate and collaborative staff and community.  Let’s have a conversation!

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