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Social Transformation Intern

I am currently working towards my Masters of Divinity in Social Transformation at United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities and will be your friendly neighborhood intern throughout the summer and fall of 2023! Since graduating from the UNI School of Music a few years back, I have lived in the Cedar Valley with my husband, Seth, and our two very goofy (chaotic?) cats: Llewy and Finny. I also currently serve as a board member for the United Church of Christ’s Mental Health Network.

Throughout this experience, I will delve into the unique mental health challenges that students face on college campuses and how religion and spirituality plays a role in their well-being. By analyzing current data and conducting interviews with faculty, staff, and students, we will gain valuable insights into how ThreeHouse can better serve students’ mental and spiritual needs in ways that are attentive to intercultural and interreligious perspectives. With these findings in mind, I will work collaboratively with community partnerships to develop effective programs and resources that foster positive student engagement, emphasize mental and spiritual wellness, and overall enrich the lives of our beloved students.

I am so excited to immerse myself in the vibrant activities of ThreeHouse!

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