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Campus Ministry Associate

I have been on staff since 2019. My role expanded to what it is now when the Lutheran Campus Ministry became a part of the collaboration, and I've loved every minute of it. There is room for questions, for expression, creativity, and community in every aspect of our work. I participated as a student during my years at UNI and am fortunate to be here in this new way.

There is such joy in the work I do at ThreeHouse and the connections I get to build with students and young adults in the community. College is a time to explore your vocation and what you are called to do. I believe ThreeHouse to be a brave and safe place to be yourself and ask all the questions.

I am the proud mother of three fur babies, Jack, Wilson, and Frankie. I would love to show you pictures of them and gush about their weirdness.

Let's have a conversation!

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