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Office Manager

I have been here to help since 2007!  I’m the face behind the email and phone, to help you sign up to use the building, answer questions, or assist with other needs. It’s my job to do the behind-the-scenes work to help keep the ThreeHouse ministry flourishing!

Know that you are always welcome to stop by to take a breath, to have a snack or coffee and just be yourself. We have great staff here who will sit with you, encourage you, support you, allow you to ask questions and/or challenge you to grow, depending on what you need. At ThreeHouse Collaborative Campus Ministries, ALL people have worth and ALL ARE LOVED. 

I have been married to my husband Rich, for 39 years! (Wow that’s gone quickly!) And I have two adult children, their partners and 2 grand-dogs, all living on the West Coast. I love to bake and read and garden.   

YOU are WELCOME at ThreeHouse!

Jane Strike: Meet the Team
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