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InterFaith Ambassador

I am the interfaith chaplain here at ThreeHouse. I am a historian by training and I have been teaching introductory classes to Islamic and Middle Eastern History at UNI and Wartburg Theological Seminary. I started here as part of my CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) training, with the completion of which you get certified to be a chaplain.

I see my goal here as creating safe spaces for people of different faith backgrounds, where we can learn from each other and practically engage in appreciation of our differences. Walking the walk of living peacefully- despite our differences. I like to create learning spaces as well, it is where I see my academic training and my passion for interfaith engagement intersect. I believe in a theology of interfaith, by which I mean, I see living harmoniously- approaching everyone with dignity, honor and respect regardless as a necessary component of practising my faith tradition, Islam.

I lead the weekly Qur'an Study group for Muslim Students on Fridays, and just started an introductory course on Islam and Muslims for Pastors in Cedar Valley area. At a time when there is increased Islamophobia in our society, it is important to present accurate information to our faith leaders, who have leading roles in creating peace and building bridges among people.

Gulsum  Gurbuz-Kucuksari: TeamMember
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