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As I complete my time with ThreeHouse Collaborative Campus Ministries, I am filled with gratitude, wonder and awe. I am filled with gratitude for all of the brilliant & vibrant students who have let me into their lives these past sixteen years. It’s been an honor & privilege as I have been able to watch them grow as they question and learn. They leave UNI and ThreeHouse more aware of their gifts & worth to their community, more confident in their values, and more certain in their knowledge that they are indeed, beloved children of God.

I am filled with gratitude for the many supporters of ThreeHouse—alumni, board members, local church pastors & members, faculty and staff, parents and grandparents of students, community members and the wider church leaders. I give thanks to each of the student workers and staff members I have worked with and learned from, most especially Dave Glenn-Burns. From you all, I’ve learned more about how to include better, and to be more accepting and loving of all people.

I have been filled with wonder at how God’s timing has been perfect in the ThreeHouse ministry. I wondered how we were going to recover after a windstorm blew our roof off in 2009. I wondered how we would remodel the GreenHouse so it would be habitable in a few short months for the Intentional Living Community. I wondered how we would survive after the loss of stable monthly funding. But, someone with the right knowledge or a generous donation has come to us, at the right time. To each of you who has been the answer to prayer and wondering, thank you!

I am filled with awe at the people I have met while working here. From amazing students and other young adult participants, pastors & members of our local churches, dedicated board members, workers who have helped to improve or maintain our buildings & grounds, alumni who have stopped in to share their stories, professionals who have helped us plan for the future and those who have helped us tell the story of Wesley Foundation/ThreeHouse Collaborative Campus Ministries, other community members and of course, my fellow staff members, I am awed and amazed. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with ThreeHouse.

ThreeHouse’s presence is so important on campus and I feel so blessed to be part of it. As I retire, Rich and I will continue to be supportive with a monthly contribution. I would invite each of you to support ThreeHouse in any way that fits your budget. Perhaps you can give an annual gift of cash or stock, or like us, prefer to give monthly. You can give online or mail a check; you can designate ThreeHouse Collaborative Campus Ministries as a gift in your annual RMD, or give us a bequest in your will. A gift of any size is so appreciated and helpful!

Know that your gifts will help ThreeHouse share God’s love so that the next generation of students and staff can continue to be filled with gratitude, wonder and awe.

-Jane Strike

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